Sunday, 29 May 2016

Watching them Together | The Extraordinary Ordinary

Another weekend has come and we're still waiting for baby. We're trying to keep busy and distract ourselves with varying degrees of success but it's also been nice to soak up this time as a family of three. Matt decided to do some baking with Lyra yesterday to give me a chance to have a lie down and a nap. I found myself just watching them though and taking a few photos. Oops! I did manage to go and lie down whilst they were icing them though. I love watching these two together, they have the best relationship. One of the things I'm most excited about is seeing Matt with the new baby and watching their bond develop as well. I'm sure that they're going to love him just as much as Lyra does and who could blame them?! He's the best Daddy they could wish for (sorry for the soppiness just put it down to the pregnancy hormones) Anyway, here's a few of the photos I snapped, they may be some of my new favourites.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

My 366 Project | Week #21

141.366 || At the same time every day Lyra can be found in this spot. She sits and looks out the window waiting for her Daddy to get home and then as soon as she spots him her face splits into the biggest grin. It may be my favourite time of day (and not just because it means Matt is home).

142.366 || Sometimes, when it has rained all day you just have to put on your wet weather clothing and play in the garden anyway.

143.366 || A lazy Sunday and a walk around the park in the sunshine. Perfect. Lyra filled that bag with so many treasures on our walk. Stones, sticks, flowers. Anything she could find basically!

144.366 || Lyra's grandparents are here to help out as baby's due date gets closer. Lyra is being well and truly spoilt and is loving every second of it!

145.366 || My little gardener. Well, in all honesty, this was just before she watered her own feet! We're enjoying this sunshine whilst we wait for baby number two to arrive.

146.366 || 40 weeks. Happy due date to me! I'm feeling pretty good surprisingly, just wondering how many days this little one is going to keep me waiting... My guess is at least a week!

147.366 || I think this little one can sense that something is going on. She has had the shortest fuse today and nothing is right. It's been tiring to say the least. Luckily some sunshine and a lot of dirt got a smile out of her!

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Baby Number Two | Forty Weeks Pregnant

So, here we are, my forty week pregnancy update. My due date was yesterday and although I kind of knew I'd end up writing one of these I'm still a little disappointed that baby didn't come early. As much as you tell yourself not to focus on that date you can't help but mark it's passing. So, yeah, I'm now 40 weeks pregnant!

To be honest, physically I'm feeling pretty good. My back aches at the end of the day due to carrying this bump around and I'm obviously finding it difficult getting up and down quickly but I can't really complain too much. Most days I can still get down to play on the floor with Lyra and although I now struggle on long walks I can still manage short ones. Heartburn has really kicked it up a notch this past week though so I'm munching my way through the Rennies and I'm having to get up at least twice a night to use the toilet which is obviously leaving me tired in the morning. These are all pretty standard pregnancy problems though and I know that I'm incredibly lucky to be getting off this lightly. I thought I'd be brave this update and share a couple of bare belly photos as I don't think I've shared any at all this pregnancy and I'm not sure how many more bump photos I'll take. I haven't shared any before because of my stretch marks which I know is silly and I know my body is growing a baby but sometimes you can't help but be a little insecure. I didn't get any stretch marks until I went overdue with Lyra and then my body just broke out in them. Most of the ones you can see are from then, I don't think I've gained many extra this pregnancy my old ones have just grown!

Emotionally, well, that's a lot tougher at 40 weeks pregnant. I swing wildly between desperately wishing my body into labour so I can meet the little one and get my body back, to kind of hoping it stays in longer as I feel so unprepared. I worry about how Lyra will cope with the change, and to be honest I'm nervous about going through labour again. Last time really wasn't the easiest and so I'm desperate for this one to be closer to the picture I had in my head. I know that that's unlikely to be the case but I'd love for the chance to have a more mobile, active labour this time round.

Whatever happens this will be my last pregnancy update here and the next time I will be introducing baby. I'm trying to focus on the fact I have a maximum of about ten days to go now, I'm not doing anything to try and hurry it along as I know from experience that just stresses me out. This little one will come when it's ready and I just need to be patient. If I say that enough maybe I'll start feeling it too!

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What's in my Hospital Bag | Baby's Bag

Last week I shared what I had packed in my hospital bag in case anyone was in need of any inspiration and today I thought I'd share what I've packed in Baby's hospital bag. The baby's bag is much more interesting anyway since it's full of tiny newborn clothes! Like I mentioned in my last post I'm a light packer so I know that this won't seem like a lot to most of you but I think I've got the essentials and I'm really hoping that I'm not in hospital too long.

So, here's a quick run down of what I've packed in baby's hospital bag:

A necessity with a newborn! I think I've packed 10 in the baby's bag and then popped another 10 in my hospital bag as I had a lot of room in there. We'll also have some extras in the boot of the car just in case I'm in hospital longer than expected as newborns go through so many.

Cotton Wool and Water
I know that a lot of people use wipes straight away but we used cotton wool and water with Lyra exclusively for the first six weeks and we never had any problems. We have bought some Water Wipes this time around as we have two weddings to attend in the first month of baby's life, one of which involves a weekend in London, but I'm not going to take them to the hospital.

Baby Clothes
I've packed three sleep suits and three vests for baby and they're all in size up to one month. Lyra was 8lb 9oz and almost two foot long when she was born and so never wore any newborn clothing at all and I'm expecting this baby to follow suit. I've found that the up to one month size bridges the gap nicely between newborn and 0-3 months so fingers crossed we'll be fine with those. All three sleep suits have integrated scratch mitts so no need to pack separate ones which is definitely for the best as I hated them last time! Oh, and I've packed a couple of thin hats for baby as well.

Muslins and Blanket
I've packed, I think, three muslins and one thin white blanket. I'll also pack a slightly thicker blanket with the car seat for the journey home but I'm sure at this time of year we'll only need a thin one in the hospital. Muslins are obviously useful for those inevitable spills although we didn't use them too much at the hospital last time, they really came into their own when we got home, my milk had come in and Lyra would spit up a lot more.

Going Home Outfit
We settled on this extremely cute duck sleep suit for baby to come home from the hospital in, complete with matching hat. It's perfect for our little yellow bump. I've also packed the cardigan that we brought Lyra home in because I'm just sentimental like that and love the idea of our second child wearing it as well especially since it was knitted by Matt's Mum. I've popped a thicker hat in the bag as well just in case the weather isn't great and baby needs a little extra warmth on the way out to the car.

As with my bag I've shared everything that I've packed in a short video which I'd love if you could watch and of course please let me know if there's anything that you think I should have packed which I haven't.

Matt has also shared what he's packed to take to the hospital. I think it's all too easy to forget about the Dad but knowing that he's got everything he needs definitely takes a weight off my mind. He's even got his own snacks as I most certainly will not want to share! Here's his video:

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Weekend Adventuring | Our Last Weekend as a Family of Three?

Tomorrow is my due date and this weekend we definitely had that feeling of 'what if this is our last weekend as a family of three'. I know that chances are I will go overdue and so we might have next weekend (or heaven forbid, the weekend after as well) but even if we do I can imagine I'm going to be feeling pretty fed up by that point. As much as we wanted to make the most of this weekend we didn't plan any big exciting adventures. One, because I'm really not able to walk too far or do too much without getting exhausted at the moment and two, because we felt that the most important thing was just being together. And so that's what we did. We just spent time together and it was so much fun.

Saturday the weather wasn't great anyway so going out wasn't really on the cards. We ticked a few more jobs off our to do list, watched a couple of Disney films (Lyra's favourite at the moment is 101 Dalmatians) and baked some biscuits. Perfect rainy weekend day I'd say. Well, apart from Lyra refusing to nap which resulted in a very grumpy half hour at about four o'clock. So grumpy in fact that we wrapped her up in her waterproofs and wellies and let her run it off in the garden in the rain. She couldn't believe her luck and just kept running up and down the length of the garden. By the time that she came back inside for her dinner she was in a much better mood.

Sunday the weather was much better so after Lyra took a nap (Yes!) and we'd had some lunch we headed to a local park for a slow wander round and explore. Well, I wandered slowly. Lyra ran off in every direction shouting 'chase me chase me' whilst Matt happily obliged. It was so unbelievably cute to watch and a perfect way to spend what could be our last day as a threesome. I just can't wait to see how another little one slots into this life that we've built. Lyra took a bag out with her on our walk and filled it with all of the treasures that she could find which was mostly leaves, flowers and stones.

Once back from our walk we decorated the biscuits that we'd baked the day before. Well, we practically let Lyra do it by herself which resulted in some very colourful, unique biscuits! It was just fun to take the weekend slowly, not have anything planned and just enjoy each others company. So, baby, if you want to join us this week I would be very happy with that. We're ready for you!

Here is our weekend vlog showing what we got up to in a little more detail. You can really see how into baking Lyra gets in the video in a way that the photos can't really show.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos of our past weekend adventures and I would love it if you would give it a like or subscribe. Thanks

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Monday, 23 May 2016

A Portrait of my Child | 21/52


A slightly different kind of photo from me today and there's not a flower or a stick in sight! The weather started off pretty miserable this week and since I am now roughly the size of a small house I'm not up to much at the moment so I've been trying to find things to entertain Lyra close to home. This day we decided to bake together. It was only one of those packet kids mixes but I let Lyra do almost everything and it kept her entertained for most of the day. We both had so much fun! As you can see from the picture above Lyra was not above testing the product and I have to admit the house looked like a flour bomb had gone off in it afterwards but the cakes tasted good and she loved it so I'd count that as a success.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

My 366 Project | Week #20

134.366 || Friday the 13th. Lyra was a little devil all day, I walked way too far for this stage of pregnancy and to top it all off I broke my phone. Despite spending the whole day outside I didn't manage to get a photo of Lyra so I guess I'll have to settle for some pretty flowers! Tomorrow is another day.

135.366 || We've spent the day preparing the house for the new arrival, we're not quite there yet but I'm feeling a little more ready at least. As I was upstairs sorting through baby clothes I looked through the window to see these two playing football. Gosh I love them and I can't wait until we have a new little one to love as well!

136.366 || We decided to skip out on housework today and instead have a picnic in the sunshine. Definitely one of our better adult decisions. As the baby's due date gets closer I find the need to really make the most of the time we have left as a family of three.

137.366 || I've got to the stage in pregnancy where I'm happiest close to home so Lyra and I have spent the day enjoying the garden. Lyra especially enjoyed the chalk today, look at my little artist!

138.366 || Finally finished packing the hospital bags so feeling a little more prepared for baby. This is baby's coming home outfit including the cardigan that Lyra came home from the hospital in! Can't wait to see the new little one in it.

139.366 || Matt worked from home today to help out and keep me company so Lyra thought that she'd 'help out' with his work in return!

140.366 || Rainy day baking. Lyra made and decorated these almost completely by herself and she was so proud! She may have also decorated her clothes and her face but I can forgive her for that because now I have cake to eat.

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